Experiments in Weight - Cookies

Today’s recipe comes from The Kitchen Magpie. The goal was to duplicate the “height” of her cookie. I don’t think it was successful, but the batter came out fantastic and was happy with the result.

I halved the recipe due to being low on sugar.

Conversion from Volume to Weight

Ingredient Original Weight
baking soda 0.5 tsp 4 grams
brown sugar 0.5 cups 110 grams
butter 0.25 cup 56.5 grams
chocolate chips 1 cup 152 grams
egg 1 egg  
flour 1.125 cups 144 grams
granulated sugar 0.25 cups 50 grams
salt 0.5 tsp 4 grams
vanilla extract 0.75 tsp 5 grams

A note on cleanup

One thing I love about cooking by weight: the cleanup is easy. Half of what’s in the sink isn’t from baking. But everything I used is in the sink.


The batter came out incredibly smooth; like with the cheesecake, importance is in balance between the ingredients, and also getting the butter to room temperature. Otherwise you end up with a chunky batter.

After folding in the chocolate chips, it was clear this was a “heavy” cookie: the chips amounted to the majority of the cookie dough (note: I am okay with that). Cookies came out larger than expected.

Recommended time was 10-12 minutes; since my cookies ended up larger I went on the longer side to make sure they were baked through.

A++ bake again.